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Alassa stays!

In our press release of May 3, 2023, we reported on the scandalous revocation of the residence permit of our federal spokesman Alassa Mfouapon by the immigration office of the city of Ravensburg.

Today, Alassa's lawyer received a message from the regional council in Karlsruhe. In it they admit the illegality of the process. The letter states: “The Ravensburg foreigners authority issued a toleration on behalf of the Karlsruhe regional council. The toleration instruction was based on an incorrect court decision, but your client's lawsuits are still pending and the toleration was therefore incorrect, for which we sincerely apologize. Your client will be issued with a residence permit again.”

This also admits that this unbelievable repression came directly from the regional council of Karlsruhe and thus from the black-green state government of Baden-Württemberg. At this point we would like to point out that we cannot imagine that this was an accident! Attempts were made again to deprive Alassa Mfouapon of his rights. The case is of national importance. Alassa Mfouapon is an influential spokesman for refugee rights.

The buckling of the regional council in Karlsruhe is a success of the solidarity movement, which developed immediately after the scandal became known. Thanks to Alassa's lawyers and all supporters. Alassa Mfouapon responded to the decision on Twitter: "Only those who fight can win, those who don't fight have already lost".

High solidarity solidarity!

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