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Despite protest: Our friend Justin deported to Nigeria!

The circle of friends protested loudly, also at the airport in Frankfurt, donations were collected for his legal representation, applications were made in court and the local press reported on the case - many took an interest in Justin's fate: he had fled Nigeria, and applied for political asylum because he is being persecuted as a member and activist of the Biafran minority in Nigeria. His organization is classified there as a terrorist for a single reason: because it publicly advocates Biafra's national independence. Rather, the terror comes from the Nigerian government and police - in the tradition of the persecution and murder of progressive politicians and environmentalists in Nigeria!
how is justin now After arriving in Lagos, he was put in a quarantine hotel with all the other deportees, from which they were thrown into a completely unsecured and threatening existence after a few days. Temporarily staying with a friend, he still has the urgent desire to return to Germany, to his partner and to his job.
He had a good job in Waiblingen in the catering trade, his boss urgently wanted to keep him - there is a lack of staff in the catering trade - and his partner misses him. What an absurd and misanthropic decision!
We ask: what damage would this country have suffered if Justin had stayed here? Got a job, paid taxes, maybe started a family and built a life? Did he have the wrong skin color? What's wrong with people choosing to leave their country and continent and make a living somewhere else? People have been migrating for as long as there have been people – and mankind owes a great deal of progress to these migratory movements.
We resolutely demand a right to flee, a right to stay for refugees on an anti-fascist basis, we accuse this government of its inhumane refugee policy, for its undermining of the basic right to political asylum, which was a lesson from the fascist Hitler dictatorship, and for its policy of division, with which our colleagues from other countries are portrayed as undesirable, illegal or parasites and criminalized. And we demand that Justin can return without being held responsible for the immense costs of the deportation, because the costs for the imprisonment in the detention center, for the deportation flight and for the quarantine in the hotel in Lagos will be charged to the deportees personally in the event of a return . The Friends of Refugee Solidarity demands: Get Justin back to Germany! Stop deportations!

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