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Hard and unfair - Solidarity address to Tareq Alaows

Dear Tareq Alaows,

I watched the program "Hart aber fair" on Monday. I'm Alassa Mfouapon, the federal spokesman for the Friends of Refugee Solidarity. You've probably heard of us. 
It's incredible like the show "Hard but fair" – just like many other evening talk shows meanwhile – offered a forum for the defamation of refugees and the cry for the de facto abolition of the right to asylum. Positions that are otherwise only known from the AfD and the Bild Zeitung!
You were the only one on the show who courageously opposed this course - and were downright hysterically put down for it. I would like to give you my solidarity and that of the entire organization of the Circle of Friends of Refugee Solidarity declare against this evil attack and incitement against you.
In my opinion, Louis Klamroth has disqualified himself as moderator. He is only bearable if he corrects the lies and half-truths that were spread in the show in one of the next programs and lets refugees who, for example, the internment camps at the EU external borders or experienced in Libya. Have you or Pro Asyl already complained to the editorial management or the broadcaster WDR?
Obviously, this manipulative reporting about refugees is intended to create a racist atmosphere among the population for the planned factual Abolition of the right of asylum in the EU and in Germany. 
This reactionary campaign, which is already showing very dangerous effects with a drastic increase in right-wing protests against refugees and their admission, must be opposed and united by all progressive and internationalist-minded people.

With solidarity greetings

Alassa Mfouapon

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