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Interior Minister Faeser praises "high fences and walls" against refugees

Alassa Mfouapon, spokesman for the Friends of Refugee Solidarity in Solidarity International eV, asks: Where is the defense of human rights and respect for the Geneva Convention?

Last week, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, in talks with five other European ministers, explored possibilities for "compromises" to standardize the EU's refugee policy. On this occasion she also mentioned "high fences and walls" as a solution to the current refugee movements. We remember: She took office with a promise to implement a more humane refugee policy. In reality, their focus is now on a European refugee policy, which is about keeping migrants away - and the EU Commission is supposed to see to that above all.

In the spirit of this policy, despite opposition, the deportation of refugees to Afghanistan was ordered, where the Taliban in power brutally oppress the people and trample on women's rights. Those who collaborate with the Taliban cannot solve escape problems! Walls and fences cannot prevent people from fleeing – not even from North Africa across the Mediterranean to Italy! Italy's fascist head of government Giorgia Meloni, like CDU Vice-Chairman Jens Spahn, is calling for asylum procedures to be carried out on African soil. The EU gives countries like Tunisia money to stop migration. Refugees are now being hunted down in Tunisia! EU President Ursula von der Leyen has defended the EU's position: your authority does not pay for walls and fences. But, she pays for watchtowers, cameras, electronic security systems, etc.

Where is the defense of human rights and respect for the Geneva Convention? We are in favor of recognizing all refugees on an anti-fascist basis and fighting the causes of flight - not the refugees. Imperialism is the cause of the growing flow of refugees!

In the past five days, 6,564 migrants have been registered on Italy's coast, as many as 6,543 people in the entire first quarter of last year. In total, since January 1st this year, more than 27,000 people have arrived and at the same time there have been many dead that could have been saved. “We know that at this moment dozens of boats are in distress just off the island, but we are being prevented from helping. This is unacceptable!” writes the crew of the German rescue ship LOUISE-MICHEL on Twitter.

Undocumented and largely unnoticed by the world public, dramatic scenes take place off the North African coast when Libya's coast guard prevents boats from proceeding, sometimes at gunpoint. No one knows how many of those who make it to the high seas don't make it to Europe alive. “Either Europe wakes up or it loses its existence. Europe imposes sacrifices on Italians in cars, housing and taxes. It should finally give us a hand, because Lampedusa, Trieste and Ventimiglia are Italian and European borders," says Matteo Salvini, today Deputy Prime Minister, who became notorious as interior minister in the last government because of his crusade against private sea rescue organizations .

The Friends of Refugee Solidarity in Solidarity International condemns the German and European refugee policy, the increased deportations to war, crisis and earthquake zones, the deaths in the Mediterranean Sea by the EU and Frontex and the cooperation with the fascist government of Italy. He supports a movement in Italy calling for the resignation of the Italian government.

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