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Friends of Refugee Solidarity July 2020

It is part of the reactionary refugee policy of the FRG to intensify deportations. Let's build stronger chains of solidarity.

  1. The person concerned is the focus. He/she is your strongest trump card, with his/her person, your reasons for fleeing, your goals. He/she himself must have wanted to take up the fight.
  2. If a deportation is announced, the specific risk of deportation must be assessed as precisely as possible. We help to present the documents in an orderly manner for immediate legal advice.
  3. Public relations work is trumps, it begins immediately after the first legal agreement and has a wide range of possibilities.
    • We create a press mailing list as early as possible, which is constantly being expanded, also with well-known people on site and establish personal contacts with the press. Determine who does the press work
    • plan public campaigns to explain the reasons for fleeing, the situation in the country of origin, and the personal situation of those affected, and they attack the reactionary refugee policy
  • Collection of signatures on the street, in front of schools, companies, etc., also online via petition portals, with which we actively work ourselves
  1. Develop concrete combat actions
  • Vigils ("Tent of Solidarity") with fixed times, depending on the situation also 24 hours before a collective accommodation, in public places where people can come, express their solidarity and get information,
    • Organize protests at airports of departure: no deportation may be accepted unchallenged! We disagree! A human rights violation is happening here!
  1. make concrete, precise demands that also establish a connection to the entire refugee policy.
  2. form information and telephone chains. The telephone chain must be fixed to the end for each person concerned, but secured twice.
  3. The person concerned must have a first trustworthy contact person who can be reached at any time. Special help and training against anxiety, sleep disorders, panic attacks.
  4. We help in the search for democratic, internationalist lawyers and
    help to build a network of progressive lawyers and doctors.
  5. Solidarity is the trump card, a fight against deportation is only possible if organized. If necessary, found a local circle of friends for refugee solidarity, look for alliance partners and allies. It can be friends, young people and youth associations, work colleagues, sports fans, church envy, unions, militant women's organizations, ......
  6. Inform the Friends of Refugee Solidarity about the development in order to be able to act nationwide if necessary.
  7. Every fight against deportation costs money, whether legal fees, printing leaflets, travel expenses, every activity must be linked to an active collection of donations in order to be able to independently finance the costs incurred.
  8. In principle, deportation takes place no earlier than 10 days after a deportation notice has been issued! The "Day X" tactic is a tried and tested method of preparing for a situation with military precision, with the exact location and time anchored in advance.
  9. We need to know the locations of deportation prisons in the region.
  10. Not every deportation can be prevented - the fight can and must be continued in every country in the world, we keep in touch!
  11. Depending on which country is being deported to, we clarify beforehand whether personal contacts of the circle of friends in the country can receive the person concerned and whether they can be accommodated or supported there for an agreed period of time.
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