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letter of solidarity.

Circle of Friends of Refugee Solidarity in solidarity with Roland Meister

The southern regional group of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity in SI declares its solidarity with attorney Roland Meister. "Rote Fahne News" documents the letter of solidarity.

Sunday, April 23, 2023, 6:00 p.m

Dear Roland,

we are outraged by the infamous attacks against you and all progressive people who do not allow themselves to be denied the right to set facts against historical lies! You represented so many of your friends - the anger and dismay are great. Alassa says: “I know Roland as a dedicated lawyer and have always enjoyed every court hearing with him. Not only does he do his job for immediate success, but he applies himself to each case as if it were his own business. With all my soul and determination that justice be enforced. He has my unlimited solidarity.”

You fight with us for the political right to asylum, stand up courageously and fearlessly for indivisible human rights and human dignity and always take a stand against any form of racism and fascism. You have always accompanied us, advised us and spared no effort or effort. Twisting a rope out of this consistently anti-fascist attitude is deeply unfair and despicable. The fact that they even want to challenge you to practice your profession shows how much they obviously have to fear from such lawyers.

We classify this attack as part of a reactionary policy, an asylum policy that actually wants to abolish the right to asylum, which is a lesson from German history, a refugee policy that fights the refugees instead of the causes of flight, a policy that is still shameless exploiting the resources of foreign countries, turning a blind eye to the human misery that arises from this and criminalizing the victims instead of the perpetrators. We assure you that we stand by your side in full solidarity!

Friends of Refugee Solidarity in SI, Regional Group South –
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