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Outrageous storage of lawyer Roland Meister's data in the BKA's INPOL system under "politically motivated crime" in the BKA's INPOL system under "politically motivated crime"

In response to an inquiry made by the lawyer Roland Meister at the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) as to what data was stored about him there, the BKA reported: Because of alleged violations of the Assembly and Association Act, his data was stored in the file accessible to all police officers INPOL system saved. In addition, entries were made in the "Innere Sicherheit-1" (Internal Security-1) file accessible to state security authorities. The simple fact that, as chairman of the assembly, he has been responsible for the Essen Monday Action, which has been taking place for 17 yearsMonday is resistance day registers, also leads to 7 entries in the BKA’s “process processing system”. 

Attorney Meister has been active and well-known as a committed lawyer for numerous political refugees for over 40 years. He was and is a defense attorney in numerous criminal proceedings against democrats, anti-fascists and communists such as B. in the Munich communist trial against alleged members of the TKP/ML. He is also known as a Marxist-Leninist and for many years responsible for internationalism in the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD). Attorney Meister has also been affected by state repression for more than 50 years because of his political convictions. In the 1970s, for political reasons, he was banned from working and doing his doctorate in Bavaria. 

The processes still stored in the BKA's INPOL system relate to allegations that have long since been refuted. The corresponding proceedings have long since been discontinued, for example the last-mentioned proceedings for showing an allegedly banned flag of the Kurdish Self-Defense Forces YPG in Rojava/Northern Syria. Even the Bavarian judiciary had to admit that showing this flag is not punishable. What is particularly scandalous is the fact that the exercise of a basic democratic right, such as registering a meeting, leads to storage in the files of the BKA. This is all the more outrageous as the Essen Monday Action has been peacefully protesting against the anti-social Harz IV laws for over 17 years. B. protested against the impending environmental catastrophe. For the alleged protection of "public security", extensive information was refused in accordance with Section 57, Paragraph 4 in conjunction with Section 56, Paragraph 2 of the Federal Data Protection Act. 

This data storage shows the true, ultimately anti-communist-motivated core of such state files: the reactionary stigmatization and defamation of democratic legal work and progressive and communist political commitments - nationwide accessible to all police officers and state security agencies. 

We resolutely protest against the reactionary storage of such data in the files of the secret services and the police and demand the immediate deletion of the stored data, complete disclosure and rehabilitation of our colleague Roland Meister! 

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