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"Now let's talk - 2.0" - first refugee policy congress was successful!

180 participants from 20 nations accepted the invitation from last Saturday
Alassa Mfouapon, his lawyer Roland Meister and the circle of friends Alassa &
Friends to a refugee policy congress, which was probably the first of its kind.
Alassa Mfouapon had become known nationwide as a spokesman for the refugees in
Ellwangen, who resisted deportation and criminalization in 2018. "The
project, the close solidarity between the self-organization of the refugees
other democratic, humanistic to revolutionary forces
organizing worked and delighted the participants, who came from Munich to Hamburg
came and for a wide range of social groups and initiatives
and organizations stood. Unique, as here the experiences of the refugees
Escape conditions, arrival in Germany and life here, like yours
competent knowledge of the causes of flight, their concrete fight against
Discrimination, against the fear of deportation, the everyday experience when
Second and third class people to be treated came along with
Reports from people in solidarity with refugees, who themselves also have the experience of
make criminalization and defamation and look for ways out and solutions",
says Adelheid Gruber, one of the spokespersons for the Circle of Friends. Four keynote speeches
the topics "About the refugee policy of the EU and the Federal Republic of Germany", "Global causes of flight
and counter-strategies”, “The situation of the refugees and protests against it” and
"Perspectives for action" offered plenty of material for discussion and the exchange of experiences. The
Presentation by an activist from Togo about reasons for fleeing and contributions to the discussion about
Cameroon and its history proved: Europe and the western world are involved
their history of slavery and colonial rule set Africa back centuries
and crucial to today's dramatic situation of youth in African countries
contributed. "The oppressors have only changed the color of their skin," the speaker said
Togo, because today international monopolies are exploiting Africa's wealth – with
Knowledge and approval of corrupt African governments. resistance to it
not least suppressed with military help from Europe. "The massive one
Right-wing development of the government, which isolates the EU from the people, from the
Fleeing the consequences of neo-colonial and imperialist policies challenges us: us
do not want any discrimination, no official racism, no unjust
Let deportation go unchallenged! We stand for a right to flee! With a
jointly decided declaration we express: The fear that after the
outrageous criminalization of the Ellwangen refugees, can be seen through the narrow
Solidarity and growing cooperation between the refugee, right to stay,
anti-racist, democratic and revolutionary movement are overcome” so
Adelheid Gruber on the outcome of the congress. "Now let's talk! has with this
Congress opened a new stage 2.0. The Ellwangen school will continue to be a school

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