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Judge honors Alassa Mfouapon as "man of contemporary history"
The trial of Alassa Mfouapon for allegedly illegal entry twice and
Resisting police officers during his deportation to Italy before
District court in Ellwangen ended after more than 4 hours with an important partial success:
Entry was legal in both cases. The judge thus took the view of
Lawyer Roland Meister confirms: According to the Geneva Refugee Convention, entry is allowed
to apply for asylum not illegal!
The judge suggested at an early stage that these proceedings should be discontinued
think. But it was not until the prosecutor charged the illegal
Withdrew entry and discontinued these two procedures at the expense of the state treasury
became. She desperately wanted a guilty verdict.
The lawyer sees Alassa Mfouapon's deportation to Italy and the special ones
Circumstances of this deportation as an expression of police arbitrariness and an act of revenge: Der
Accused belonged to the organizers of a demonstration against racist
Police violence in the state initial reception center (LEA) in Ellwangen, about 6 weeks
before. In addition, Alassa Mfouapon has filed a lawsuit against the state of Baden-Württemberg
raised because of the brutal police operation in Ellwangen. It's about them
Inviolability of the home, including that of refugees. That fits in today's world, in
which is protested everywhere against racism and police arbitrariness. This lawsuit was up
not negotiated today.
The second count of the charge was resisting law enforcement officials
Alassa Mfouapon found guilty and sentenced to 40 daily rates of 10 euros each,
although witness testimony indicated that Alassa Mfouapon was rather cooperative. being
"Resistance" has consisted of refusing to get into the police car while he
couldn't contact his lawyer and returned his mobile phone, ID card and wallet
had received. Five officers then took him to the ground. He got himself tied up
"convoluted", which was interpreted as resistance. The strange reasoning of
Richters: If he had resisted from the start, the whole police operation might have happened
unlawful and he had been acquitted. But since he initially showed himself to be cooperative
had, the use of his deportation was legal. against this judgment
On the one hand, the judge paid attention to the statement, which was mainly presented in German
listened to Alassa's detailed comments and expressed his respect for his
Expressed commitment to the democratic rights of refugees, including with the
Comment "You are a man of contemporary history". On the other hand, he probably wanted himself too
stand behind the cops.
Because of Corona, only very few of Alassa's initially around 50 supporters were allowed to go
Court. Most waited patiently outside and informed interested parties. To the
Closing rally with Alassa and his attorney, the two were with Alassa's
favorite song, the Ode to Joy. Its first stanza ends:…All
People become brothers where your gentle wing dwells.
Roland Meister concluded: “We will not accept this verdict, we
will continue to take action against this, legally but also politically, because it is important
is, not just for Alassa, but for the refugee movement and international solidarity
all in all. We want the criminalization of refugees and international
Solidarity is ended.”

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