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First Refugee Policy Congress – Friends of Alassa & Friends
on November 30, 2019 in Stuttgart
In the middle of the night on May 3, 2018, several hundred police officers attacked
brutal way the refugees in the state initial reception center in Ellwangen. That was the
Police response to an unsuccessful deportation a few days earlier. After this
The refugees, including Alassa Mfouapon from Cameroon, organized an experience
Rally under the motto: "A lot has been said about us - now let's talk!". He was
shortly thereafter deported to Italy. Not this clearly politically motivated deportation
accepting was the founding motive of the group of friends Alassa& Friends. Since then
he is not only committed to the return of Alassa. He supports his lawsuit against the
brutal and unlawful police operation that has not been negotiated to this day. Instead of this
his legal return in January 2019 was used by media such as BILD to
a campaign to further tighten asylum law under the leadership of
CSU Interior Minister Seehofer to start. The irresponsible creation of a pogrom atmosphere
against refugees by right-wing media and parties countered
Circle of friends with lawsuits against BILD and AfD, which were successful. He collects
Donations for further test cases to defend the human rights of refugees
and supports them in their self-organization.
An important concern of the circle of friends is currently the closer union of all
Defender of human rights against racism, nationalism and the clear development
to the right, also in Germany.
With this aim, the Circle of Friends organizes its 1st Refugee Policy Congress in
Stuttgart. It will take place on November 30, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Workers’ Education Center
South, Bruckwisenweg 10.
All refugees in Germany, all volunteer refugee helpers, all committed people
against combating the causes of flight, all interested parties should have the opportunity here
have to sit at a table, exchange ideas and with the democratic
to discuss publicly.
Alassa and his friends stand for a self-organized and progressive
refugee movement. At the congress, everyone should give their opinion and concern
Asylum treatment, refugee policy and racism in Europe, especially in
Germany, and can bring in its proposals for change.
The Circle of Friends cordially invites you to do so.
More information in the attached invitation flyer and underür-migration-und-fluchtlinge-ellwangen-appell-holtalassa-
Friends of Alassa & friends –
Donations via: "Solidarity International eV", IBAN: DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84,
Keyword: "Alassa"

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