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Protest rally against the inhumane refugee policy of the EU in Stuttgart on April 22nd, 2013: Let's talk now!

Protest rally against the inhumane refugee policy of the EU in Stuttgart: Now let's talk!

The CDU politician Jens Spahn is publicly in favor of abolishing the right to asylum and instead holding refugees from African countries in reception camps, for example in Libya or Tunisia. This is said to be a "humane solution" to the fact that Germany "can no longer afford the right to asylum". The following account by a refugee from Ghana shows just how inhumane this proposal really is:

“I was in Libya for two and a half years. Refugees are not safe in Libya - no school, no way out. I risked my life crossing the Mediterranean to safe Europe. Thousands of refugees and migrants in Libya get caught in a vicious circle with no hope of a way out, all wanting to escape the hell there, but many can't even get on a boat. Civil war is raging in Libya, refugees are not safe even on the streets. They are mugged, kidnapped and sold to 'ghettos' where they are forced into slave labor or into prostitution. If they deliver too little money, the families have to pay at home. The slave drivers rape and mistreat until money flows. Or they kill the refugees like dogs.”

Another refugee grapples with the claim that refugees are merely a cost that Germany can no longer afford:

"It's a lie that we only cost money. Many of us work, pay taxes and contribute to a functioning economy. For example, I work at a metal factory – many migrants work there for bad wages. No bike would leave a factory without the input of migrant workers and refugees. I think the German workers and we belong together, we migrants also strengthen the working class!”

And a third says: "It's not just like that in Germany - it applies to all European countries!"

The Friends of Refugee Solidarity demands:

Stop deportations, because nobody risks their life and flees without a serious reason! Escape is a human right! Stop the hate campaign against refugees!

and calls for the rally of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity and Solidarity International on April 22nd. at 11 a.m. in Stuttgart, Schlossplatz: "Now let's talk!". Refugees speak out themselves and can report on their experiences over the open microphone.

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