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Protest action by SI Stuttgart and circle of friends against deportation on September 3rd. 21

Aktion gegen Abschiebung

The bright summer weather had lured many people to stroll and shop on Königstrasse. Despite this holiday and leisure mood, 73 passers-by immediately showed solidarity with Alassa in 1.5 hours by signing. We experienced a lot of sympathy, that was really striking. There were many conversations. The passers-by - young and old, Germans, but also many migrants and refugees from Palestine, Iran, Nigeria... - not only saw the Alassa case, but also showed their dissatisfaction with the way refugees are treated here in Germany. A passer-by said that everyone who flees should be taken in by us, no matter what the reason for fleeing. A German woman: We too can become refugees. We must help each other.

We performed with various posters and banners, leaflets and canned music, including the campaign song “Solidarity Forever”. “Refugees” from electricity and water….That was very attractive
Our stand encouraged people to become active themselves for a society as we wish it to be. Where human rights apply to everyone and refugees are not seen as a burden but as an indictment of an exploitative and destructive system. Fight the causes of flight, not the refugees!!

Our board with many photos of Moria/Kara Tepe was very well suited to talk about the great abilities and possibilities of the refugees, which are usually presented to us in the media as a problem or a cost factor.

A Palestinian family reported on their escape, their stay in Ellwangen and how difficult it was here in Germany to get the necessary papers. They said: We are not the ones who are the taxpayer's burden, we are the ones who pay the taxes. They were interested in the project in Jenin and took an SI newsletter with them. Other passers-by took the SI program that was being distributed.

It was nice and encouraging that people came to our stand to thank us for our campaign.

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