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Resolution of the Circle of Friends at the Whitsun Youth Meeting 2022

Resolution of the participants of the discussion group of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity in SI at the Whitsun Youth Meeting 2022 in Gelsenkirchen

We participants from different countries of origin from three continents came together here today to set a sign of international solidarity, against war, for the right to flee, against racism and racial division into first and second class refugees, as is currently the case in Europe is operated by the blatant unequal treatment of refugees with and without Ukrainian passports.
We protest against the governments that are fighting the growing number of refugees with their refugee policies instead of eliminating the causes of flight. We protest against the fact that refugees are denied the right to work, which drives them into depression, fear of deportation, and some even into addiction and crime. We also protest against the criminalization of the sea rescue of refugees by volunteers, as is currently happening again to the crew of the Iuventa. All of our solidarity against the attempt to criminalize them goes to these rescuers. The Circle of Friends of Refugee Solidarity also condemns the partisanship of some African governments with Russia and warns against the massive underestimation of this aggressive imperialist. It also condemns the warmongering of the NATO countries, which continue to escalate the war and start wars all over the world themselves. We condemn the federal government's collaboration with various corrupt governments around the world and the designation of these countries as "safe countries of origin" combined with the refusal to grant asylum to those persecuted.
Being a member of our organization means for refugees and solidarity people to actively support the rights of refugees and migrants. The circle of friends also stands for mutual solidarity – through a joint effort, a large number of refugees were able to travel to the Pentecost youth meeting, even if they had little or no income. Experiences were exchanged and advice and help organised. The members were encouraged by our meeting today and called upon to continue building the organization, to found new groups throughout Germany, to meet regularly, to inform themselves and the public about the situations in their various countries of origin and the background and causes of the to better understand global refugee movements. We stand for a refugee policy that focuses on people and their needs - we are in blatant contradiction to the refugee policy of the EU.
We demand from the new federal government the unrestricted right for all refugees to work and support themselves, instead of condemning them to months and years of inactivity in refugee camps. To this end, we will again write to the governing parties and in particular to the government's Labor Minister. Many refugees suffer greatly from the experiences of persecution, threats and flight. With a seminar, we want to give them and their supporters knowledge about traumatization and healing options in order to alleviate the suffering.
Gelsenkirchen, Pentecost 2022

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