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Ridiculous lies don't hold solidarity

not a football tournament: Now more than ever - join in!

On May 6th, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the Hoeschpark, the benefit football tournament of the Mouhamed Friends Group will take place under the motto "International, sporty and fair". Mouhamed was a 16-year-old unaccompanied refugee. On August 8th, 2022 he was in an exceptional psychological situation –

Dortmund police officers shot him instead of helping him. The Mouhamed Circle of Friends organized non-partisan solidarity right from the start. In a statement dated 31.03.

we wrote: "We demand 'Justice for Mouhamed!' and the full punishment of the perpetrators in the police and state apparatus.”

After enthusiastic solidarity celebrations and the dignified commemoration with unveiling of the memorial plaque for Mouhamed Lamine Dramé, we are now preparing, in consultation with Sidy, his brother, and in honor of Mouhamed, a benefit football tournament followed by a concert in the

Hoeschpark in front. The donations we collect are for the village development in Ndiaffate and – also in close consultation with the family – for Mouhamed's mother Ma Fofana's trip to Germany for the trial. The donations are constantly sent to »Solidarity

International« is published and controlled. Most recently in the April 2023 newsletter that has just been published with a donation amount of €4798.89 that has yet to be handed over. The handover has been agreed with the family. Sidy wrote on 03/06/2023: "I speak on behalf of my mother and the entire Dramé family. We thank you for all the activities you organize to create justice, but also for the fight against injustice, because you do not discriminate between the victims.”

Against their better knowledge, William Dountio and the Mouhamed solidarity group tried to have the football tournament banned with a legal foul on 27.3.23. This, too, with the untrue claim that it would not be in the interests of the family!

( Without success! In their downright fanatical claim to sole representation, they are now leaving with a pamphlet "No further instrumentalization of remembrance!" for the public defamation of the Mouhamed Circle of Friends and in particular the committed activists of the MLPD and the Circle of Friends and other actively collaborating organizations.

Particularly bad is the mantra-like repeated lie that football tournaments and concerts are not in the interests of the family. The anonymous signatories are not above putting the family at odds between the different strands of the solidarity movement. The accusation of "attempted instrumentalization of the family" falls on her own feet!

In addition, this "incendiary letter" from the slanderers contains a three-page tedious repetition of lies that have already been refuted several times. Prudently, only anonymous groups are under the declaration - nobody shows their colors and has signed this declaration by name.

The anonymous writers are lying: the MLPD, as one of the sponsors of the Circle of Friends, attacked the stewards and the leadership of the meeting at a demonstration.

The truth is: On the contrary, the stewards from the signing groups violently physically attacked participants in the demonstration. For anyone interested, it can be read at:

The claim "In the past, the MLPD (would have) outed left-wing activists with their full real names several times,"

is also an unfounded slander that does not become truer even through obtrusive repetition. Please refer

The accusation is particularly stupid and bold: “Collecting the broad protest for completely inappropriate topics (“Third World War”, “anti-communism”,...).”

Aren't the causes of flight and violence in war, environmental destruction and anti-communist persecution of democrats and socialists? There is actually a fundamental difference between

the Mouhamed circle of friends and the anonymous scribblers: For us, solidarity with Mouhamed also means getting to the root of the problem. The anonymous signatories, on the other hand, together with William Dountio's "Solidarity Group", are working behind the scenes with the state-supporting parties and the city administration and are pursuing a common strategy with CDU Interior Minister Reul. A WDR report of February 15, 2023 states: "The solidarity group will accompany the coming process, Dountio announces. However, it is not about the police officers getting the longest possible sentences, but about Mouhamed Dramé's family getting answers as to why the 16-year-old had to die.

The Greens in the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament go one better and Julia Höller explains in a press release: "Shortly after Mouhamed D.'s death, the Minister of the Interior took various measures, for example examining handouts. (...)

In particular, the expansion of further training - for example the mandatory operational training - is a central step in order to further strengthen the police officers, for example in dealing with people from marginalized communities and in operations with the mentally ill." (Press release of March 23 Höller/Katzidis : NRW draws consequences from the death of Mouhamed D.) Instead of complete clarification and punishment of those responsible in the sense of the worldwide movement »black lives matter«

to fight against the fascization of the state apparatus should it remain with retraining for the police?

Not as many people have drowned in the Mediterranean since 2017 as in the first quarter of 2023. During prime time, the deputy CDU chairman Jens Spahn is urging on public television that for refugees the application of

human rights "no longer practical" may be. Without further ado, not only the right to asylum on an anti-fascist basis, but also the Geneva Refugee Convention is suspended. And the brutal shooting of Mouhamed shouldn't have a bigger connection?

The ridiculous lies, pathetic attacks, and arrogant claims of sole agency of the pamphlet's anonymous signers will be just as ineffective as their previous attacks. What's more: just like previous attacks, they will bring new forces and activists to the Circle of Friends.

Especially now: In fact, bipartisan solidarity with Mouhamed!

Come to the football tournament and concert on May 6, 2023 from 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. in Hoeschpark in Dortmund!

Donation account of the Friends of Mouhamed at Solidarity International:

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