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Declaration of Solidarity for Isaiah 10/10/21

Dear Isaiah Ehrauyi,
We from the Friends of the East send you our solidarity greetings and wish you a lot of courage and strength in the fight for the recognition of your application for asylum. You were one of the first activists together with Alassa in the fight against the criminalization and inhumane treatment of the refugees in the LEA Ellwangen. We thank you for your commitment, your courage and your determination. Ultimately, this resulted in the nationwide circle of friends for refugee solidarity.  
We know that your story is believable and that it is the story of many others. To describe Nigeria as a safe country of origin is just too grotesque. In a country where there are almost daily reports of kidnappings and murders by Boku Haram and other fascist and criminal gangs, people who bravely speak up are not safe! 
But we know what we have to think of Interior Minister Seehofer, who had people deported to Afghanistan until mid-August because it was so "safe" there...
Dear Isaiah, we wish you a lot of strength and clarity for your fight! We are firmly behind you! 
Renate, spokeswoman for the Friends of the East

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