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Greetings to the Alassa process

Greetings to Alassa on the process on 02/18/21

Nobody flees voluntarily –

hear the voice of Alassa Mfouapon

The trial of Alassa Mfouapon against the state of Baden-Württemberg has a meaning that goes far beyond this federal state, even outside of Germany.

A refugee, for one thing, not as a petitioner or even an accused person, but as a person who raises his voice to stand up for his rights and those of many other refugees who are going through the same thing.

His voice is scheduled to be heard on February 18, 2021 - and his rights recognized.

from dr Lutz van Dijk, Amsterdam and Cape Town
Writer on 02.02.2021

Never forget

How far you've come.

Everything you have gone through. All the time you have pushed on even when you felt you couldn't.

All the mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it will be.

All the time you wanted to give up but you got through another day.

Never forget how much strength you have learned and developed. So be strong, you will win.

we are you

You are not alone.

If you are feeling a bit down today, remind yourself that you have come a long way.

You have crossed oceans when you don't know how to swim.

You have climbed mountains when you were hurt in the feet.

You took leaps of faith when you didn't have wings.

So, you will survive today. And, you will do it with style.

Just remember that.

From his friend Azumah

Hello Alassa,

Rosa and I wish you every success for your court date. 

You now have a lot of friends in Germany and in Italy.

Let us know how it goes!

Kind regards,

Gaetano and Rosa

By Gaetano and Rosa from Italy

Gladbeck/15.2.21 Greetings from Alassane and Diatu to the Friends of Refugee Solidarity

Dear friend,

we are Alassane, Diatu and Dialika from Guinea. We live in Gladbeck. we fight with you

that the deportations should stop. We shouldn't be afraid, we must continue to criticize

so that the government hears us. Last week nine refugees from Guinea got here in Gladbeck

a deportation letter – the authorities want to find out who you are so that they can then deport you.

Our refugee friends have therefore fled to France – again. This treatment of people

must stop - we must fight for this together!We are refugees and not bandits here doing something

want to break. We have problems at home, that's why we're here.

We wish you every success in the trial against the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Alassane, Diatu and Dialis

From Diatu and Dialis from Guinea

As an organization, we were and continue to be in full solidarity with the struggle of the refugees

humane and therefore also dignified treatment – a real recognition of the law

for escape and asylum - and against the acts of violence against them, against the racist and social-chauvinist agitation

by police, government and reactionary press about them. The resistance against the lawless procedure

of the institutions of the self-proclaimed constitutional state is justified and even necessary. That's not only

in the (legitimate) self-interest of the refugees, but part of the general resistance against them

progressive rightward development of governments and bourgeois parties. It concerns us all!

We send our warmest solidarity greetings to you and to you, Alassa Mfouapon, as representatives of this struggle

and wish you success in your offensive against this oppression and injustice!

High international solidarity! LF – Left Forum in the Bergisches Land (NRW)


From the Left Forum Bergisches Land

Alassa M.'s trial against the state of Baden-Württemberg is taking place today. Indiscriminate police violence

is commonplace, but it is almost never prosecuted. refugees and people of color

particularly frequent victims of attacks by the police. For the perpetrators in uniform, that has never been the case

consequences. I am all the more grateful that Alassa filed a lawsuit against the martial police operation in the

LEA Ellwangen submitted in 2018! When refugees raise their voices, organize themselves

and no longer accept the violation of their human rights, they are threatened with smear campaigns in the media

and by right-wing politicians, criminalization and deportation by the German authorities. A few days

after the brutal operation in Ellwangen, Alassa organized a protest demonstration. Shortly thereafter

he himself was deported to Italy in a traumatizing way. But Alassa is not intimidated.

I express my solidarity with him and his fellow campaigners who are against police arbitrariness

and fight for basic human rights. And I urge all democratic people to

also to show solidarity and to defend the right of asylum and the rights of refugees!

No more police violence, no more criminalizing those seeking protection!

The brutal operation in the state initial reception center in Ellwangen must finally be clarified,

and the victims of the abuse must be compensated.

Of Ulla Jelpke – from the Left Party:

we would like to wish you all the best for the process and greet with loud applause from Heilbronn

You and the Circle of Friends of Refugee Solidarity! Our hearts are full of love! Our rally today was a

full of success and has just finished with Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' that you love to sing. In several

The stations of your and your struggle came to life in the speeches. Young rebels reported impressed

how they met you in Ellwangen in 2018 and made many new friends. Courage Women's Association

went into the growing willingness to donate and the practical support for the residents and refugees on Lesvos.

In its speech, the MLPD drafted the concept for a world in which there would no longer be any reason to flee,

because the cause of wars, exploitation, oppression and destruction of the basis of life is eliminated -

real socialism. The initiators of an anti-fascist rally invited to 19.2. on the occasion of

To take to the streets on the 1st anniversary of the Hanau murders. There were 20 people from Heilbronn at our rally

from Iraq, Turkey, Kurdistan and Germany. The inhumane refugee policy of the EU

Federal government and the state government of Baden-Württemberg was denounced. Even if today by accident

Ash Wednesday is - Minister of the Interior Strobl and Prime Minister Kretschmann in the penitent shirt would have been a good match!

Warm greetings,

Your friends from Heilbronn

Of friends from Heilbronn

Albstadt, February 17, 2021

Dear Alassa Mfouapon, Dear Friends of Refugee Solidarity in SI

We send you warm greetings from our solidarity rally in Albstadt and wish you every success

in your trial against the state government of Baden-Württemberg. We are impressed and excited by

Your courage to mess with the state government. It just can't be that brutal

Police violence against the residents of LEA Ellwangen in May 2018 is simply accepted. refugees

should have the same human rights as everyone else. We have a lot of people with our rally

informed about this important process, as well as about the tribunal on February 20th. We stand by yours

page and fingers crossed for the process.

With solidarity greetings

The participants of the rally on 17.2. 2021 in Albstadt-Ebingen

Unanimously adopted by 18 permanent participants.

Of friends from Albstadt

never forget

how far you've come from, what you've been through.

All the time you kept walking even though you felt way too exhausted.

The many mornings you got out of bed, no matter how hard it was.

The many times you wanted to give up and yet you went one day further

Never forget how much strength you have experienced and developed. So be strong, you will win.

We are by your side

You're not alone

In case you're feeling a little down today
Remember the long way you've come.

You've crossed oceans without knowing how to swim.

Climbed mountains with bruised feet.

Faith has given you wings even though you have no wings.

That's why you will survive today. And with style.

Always remember.

From his friend Azumah

Dear Alassa,

the brothers and sisters you met at SI Cobas in Milan, who came from all over the world,

keep fighting against exploitation, and against the use of immigration laws aimed at blackmail

them into submission to capital, and for the right to organize and struggle. Your struggle

against this oppressive system, for a better workd is our struggle. Your case has opened

the eyes to many youths, and this is already an achievement.

We wish you success in your legal case against arbitrary arrest and deportation, even

if we know that the only guarantee for our rights to be upheld is not the law of the ruling class,

but the unity of the working class, beyond the color of their skin, and their determination

to fight together.We wish you to be able to freely live and work and travel wherever you want,

with the same rights to organize and fight as native people.

Your SI Cobas comrades from Milan

From friends from Milan/Italy

As you know, I have always stood in solidarity with you and Alassa against the shame of Europe - as Jean Ziegler puts it so aptly in his book.

I would like to offer you this link from my song "I have a dream" and send you my solidarity greetings for this important process.

and since your fight against racism and fascists is so important, you will certainly be interested in my new Willy, which I posted yesterday on fb and my youtube channel "weckerswelt" on the anniversary of the murders in Hanau.

I send my best regards to you and Alassa and all your comrades-in-arms!

your Konstantin

By Konstantin Wecker

“State violence and repression can never be tolerated. I stand in solidarity with Alessa and

other refugees in their struggle for justice and dignity.”

State violence and oppression can never be tolerated. I stand in solidarity with Alassa

and other refugees in their struggle for justice and dignity.

Von the captain Carola Rackete

I admire Alassa M. for his fight for equal human rights for refugees in Germany.

It is helpful for refugees and Germans!

The police operation in Ellwangen was obviously politically motivated to right-wing, anti-refugee

To show the mood of the population, we act. That doing human rights by the police with feet

were kicked was accepted. It was a political signal.

The court hearing must now also set this:

That refugees in Germany must be treated like human beings!

Von Doris Hensinger from Stuttgart – active in SES

We send you our warmest solidarity greetings from Duisburg and wish you every success in your process

against the state of Baden-Württemberg. In reality, this process is not only aimed at them

State government of Baden-Württemberg, but against the whole reactionary refugee policy

federal government and the EU. That is why it is of national importance and we are proud to

to have such a brave comrade-in-arms like you.

Today we have a beautiful, powerful and colorful solidarity campaign at the city hall in Duisburg-Hamborn

carried out, publicized your "case" and also many other examples about the reactionary refugee policy,

but also heard about the growing resistance to it.

The report about a nearby refugee hostel that has become a corona hotspot and from the

When the city of Duisburg was cordoned off with site fences and security services, we spontaneously took the opportunity to go single file

with flags and placards to undertake this dormitory. There we could see the imprisoned refugees

express our solidarity from a distance. We presented to them our demand that all refugee hostels

must be evacuated immediately and the residents humanely and corona-friendly in vacant apartments

or hotels must be accommodated. At the end we sang the beautiful song "Bella Ciao" to them,

which was applauded by some residents at the windows and also by the security guard.

So all in all a nice action that was an important step, the tightening of the reactionary refugee policy

not to continue to be kept secret under the guise of Corona, but to bring it to the public.

So, dear Alassa, good luck tomorrow for you and for all of us in a victory in the lawsuit against the state of Baden-Württemberg!

By Bärbel Esser from the local board of SI Duisburg eV

Stand by me Lesvos stands by Alassa Mfouapon, defending his rights as a human being and as a refugee.

Passing by the island of Lesvos and having experienced the loss of his loved ones, he still continues to stand

with dignity in the new country where he stays now.

Alassa Mfouapon has a life story to tell with many problems, farewells and separations.

During his trip to Lesvos he experienced the worse night are any person and parent can experience:

he saw his child lost in the sea and drowning. He saw the loss of life in until most beloved person, his child.

However, with dignity and a lot of effort he continued to live in the difficult conditions of Lesvos and

continued his journey to Germany.

Alassa Mfouapon is an example for all of us, demanding better living conditions, with respect for the individual

and social rights. Stand by me Lesvos can only stand by him, listen to him and support him, as it does in every

life story that respectfully claims a better future for all of us.

Stand by me Lesvos fights for the safe and dignified lives of refugees and accuses anyone who puts their lives

in danger, whether they are slave traders, the army, states or the European Union.

We fight for no more stories like Alassa Mfouapon.

Michael Aivaliotis

Stand by me Lesvos

Of of the non-profit company Stand by me Lesvos

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