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Joseph A., seriously ill from Ghana, should go to deportation prison – declaration of solidarity from Ulm

Our friend Joseph is threatened with imprisonment pending deportation and deportation. He comes from Ghana and was attacked and threatened there because as a preacher he insists on freedom of religion and belief for his church. Here in Germany, however, his application for asylum was rejected because Ghana is considered a safe country of origin for our government. Joseph Is seriously ill with diabetes and sarcoidosis, he successfully fought with the circle of friends for his transfer from the LEA Ellwangen because it was not possible to bring his sugar levels under control there. For this he needs, for example, a refrigerator to store his insulin. Now he is being deported in Pforzheim, to be released on September 29th. to be able to deport - a catastrophe for a seriously ill person like him. The conditions in the Pforzheim deportation prison are notorious. Currently, due to the psychological stress and days of insomnia, his blood sugar levels are completely off the rails again. But the fact that this is life-threatening for him and that he cannot appear in court is just as little of interest to the court as the fact that a lawsuit against deportation, which should not be possible because of his state of health, has not yet been decided at all! Today's meeting shows solidarity with Joseph and calls for an end to the government's unspeakable deportation policy. For the right to flee on an anti-fascist basis! 

Adopted unanimously with one abstention by the meeting of the voters' initiative of the Internationalist Alliance in Ulm on September 22nd, 2021

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