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Successful solidarity festival for Mouhamed on September 24th, 2022 in Dortmund

For Saturday, 9/24/22 he had "Friends of Mouhamed" took the initiative for a solidarity festival on Kurt Piehl Platz. Franz Stockert, spokesman for the Mouhamed Circle of Friends draws a positive conclusion: “The self-organized festival had a great response from the international population. Up to 250 visitors celebrated until 10 p.m. and commemorated Mouhamed. This festival strengthened the cohesion, the common mourning and the common fight for justice for Mouhamed!"

With Diallo, Jah Sala and Levi Maeka only three African musicians from Dortmund played at the festival. The band Hörwasche from Cologne made the mood with rocking sounds, especially at the beginning. The reggae band Ancient Fyah made the extra trip from Bielefeld. The musician Felix Ende from Bielefeld also contributed to the solidarity festival with thoughtful and calm socio-critical songs. All artists played without a fee and want to keep in touch.

The moderators of the Solifefest Rezan Tay and Sarah Rissmann were from the beginning of the mourning and the protest since August 9th. at Kurt Piehl Platz. rezan opened the festival "We spontaneously gathered here on the first day after Mouhamed's death, then we made a demo to the North Guard, the next day to the police headquarters." The pressure from the population meant that the case did not go under the carpet could be swept. We continue to call for an independent investigation. A petition for this was submitted to the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia. At the solidarity festival, we were delighted to receive a message from Claus Melterwho initiated this petition.

The idea of the solidarity festival came up because the residents here are particularly shocked, sad and angry. "Today at the festival, the focus is on mourning together, but also on fighting and especially celebrating together," so Sarah Rissmannwho organized the festival together with residents. The performance of a folk dance group in Kurdish costume was inspiring. Everyone could take part in the Jerusalema dance organized by the children's organization Red Foxes.

Numerous allies involved

The numerous alliance partners and supporters as well as local residents who organized the festival all contributed to the overall success. In addition to the Mouhamed Circle of Friends, these were the REBELL youth association and the Red Foxes, the Revolution youth group from Dortmund, the German-South African Friendship Society Marikana, Solidarity International, the Kurdish Women's Association Rozerin, the MLPD as well as numerous individuals, such as the progressive lawyer Frank Jasenski such as Monika-Gärtner Engel, as a participant of the world women's conference in Tunis from the video of the world women "Justice for Mohammed" reported http://(here is the link: )

African refugees from various countries spoke at the commemoration. Two colleagues also brought greetings from the Thyssen Krupp workforce at Westfalenhütte, where a colleague announced the case at the staff meeting: "We would like to say that we as a workforce think this is terrible and want to send our solidarity greetings".

A representative of the German-South African Friendship Society Marikana baked over 100 muffins and cakes for 3 days in advance. International culinary specialties were offered, for example African lentil soup and Kurdish specialties. Over 1000 euros from the proceeds from the sale of food and drinks and the raffle organized at short notice came together.

Alassa Mfouapon from Cameroon and the 9 year old Katleya of the red foxes carried the beautiful wreath they had made themselves for the occasion to the scene of the crime. Many local African residents followed in honor of Mouhamed. White roses and a picture of Mouhamed were solemnly laid. Accompanied by the African freedom song "Asimbonanga’ all participants expressed what Alassa Mfouapon in the words "Until this deed is atoned for, we will continue to fight." His proposal to hold another commemoration on November 13th, the 100th day after the death of Mouhamed, was accepted and voted on by the participants of the festival.

Of the "Friends of Mouhamed" has gained many new comrades-in-arms at the inspiring festival and over 1000,- € collected. All proceeds from the festival go to the Mouhamed Circle of Friends' fundraiser. Half of the donations will finance a lawsuit against those responsible in the police force for the death of Mouhamed and a contribution to village development in Ndiaffate - the place of origin of Mouhamed - afford. The solidarity festival made an important contribution to the donation goal of €5,000.

But we will also start other activities! Who wants to donate:

Solidarity International eV, IBAN: DE 86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84, Frankfurter Volksbank – keyword “Freundeskreis Mouhamed”

contact address of "Friends of Mouhamed":

Franz Stockert, Oesterholzstrasse 26, 44145 Dortmund

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