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Great willingness to donate to Mouhamed at the benefit football tournament and concert of the

Friends of Mouhamed

The "Freundeskreis Mouhamed" organized a great charity football tournament on May 6th! With more than

106 players and an inspiring concert left €1,222.26 in donations

been achieved. This result shows that solidarity knows no borders. It got sporty

played internationally and fairly and it was a real one "Charity Tournament" was. was donated

varied and everything for the family of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé and village development in

Ndiaffate/Senegal. This is intended in particular to support the fact that Mohamed's mother

Court process can come to Germany! That was also the woman power team

special concern.

Franz Stockert says: “Everyone contributed and every cent counts! About monetary donations

cakes, African rice, Turkish food and delicious waffles were also donated. The

Artists at the subsequent concert performed without a fee and the teams

have thrown together every euro so that they can take part in the tournament. underneath

were also very young players or a team from a refugee home who didn't see it that way

can easily afford, but for whom solidarity is important.”

Of the Friends of Mouhamed thanks all the players, everyone

musicians and the many hands that in very different ways

contributed to this great day. The Circle of Friends weighs every cent that is donated

Mohammed accountable. Every cent counts and that can also be checked. The fight for the

just punishment of those responsible in the police and government continues.

So you can continue to donate to the account:

Solidarity International eV IBAN: DE 86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84, Frankfurter Volksbank – keyword “Freundeskreis Mouhamed”

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