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Nobody flees for no reason...

...was the motto of a rally by SI Stuttgart together with the "Friends of Refugee Solidarity" on May 26th. The contributions were correspondingly varied and interesting. You can find the contribution of a refugee here

The event was opened with fighting songs. The representative of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity South denounced the deportation of two Albanian underage children from a sheltered facility in Leonberg. The boy can't even speak Albanian. More than 20 signatures were collected for the repatriation of the children. If you also want to support the petition:

It was reported about the self-organization of the refugees in Kara Tepe, women and men with many skills: how they fix the electricity themselves, organize lessons for children, ensure cleanliness in and around the camp and invented a recycling system by using PET -Swap bottles for everyday items. Over 3 million bottles have now been collected and recycled. They make an urgent appeal to the people of Europe and the European Union not to forget them.

The example of the Congo showed that the causes of flight are linked to our politics. This country is rich in natural resources, but there is great poverty among the population. There, SI Stuttgart is supporting the construction of the Ngenyi - Volksbildungszentrum, a learning and guest house, which is making good progress. A speaker from the VFI Congo emphasized how important it is to combat the causes of flight so that people can also find prospects in their home countries. 

In view of the dramatic current situation, a young Palestinian woman used an open microphone to promote a Palestine rally. E-mail addresses for mutual support were exchanged. And an Iranian friend with his daughter supported the stand. He also sang a revolutionary Iranian song for us: "Sar Oomad Zemestoo" (Winter is Over), which was translated immediately.

Favour, a refugee from Nigeria, on site with his friend, informed about his experiences on the run and in the Sigmaringen reception center. The police carried out raids almost every night to deport many of the people from there. You can watch his speech on the homepage.

"This land is your land, this land is my land!" With this song by Woody Gouthry, our singer answered the Nigerian friend when he said: This country is not my country yet! 

The partial success of Alassa Mfouapon's lawsuit against the brutal police operation in the state initial reception center in Ellwangen was also reported and it was reported that the right to inviolability of the apartment was also being disputed for refugees, which is why he appealed on this point. 

Then we distributed leaflets and collected donations. In total we were able to take around 130 euros. 

SI local group Stuttgart and circle of friends

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