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Refugee recognition for persecuted young opposition figures from the Russian Federation!

Equal rights for all refugees!

The law firm Meister & Partner represents one of the first Russian citizens to apply for political asylum in Germany since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression. We would like to inform the public about the young Russian activist TS, whom we represent in his asylum procedure. Our client, TS is a young activist against Putin's war of aggression and a member of the Russian Maoist Party (RMP). From the very beginning, it has developed protests against the Russian war of aggression, defended the Ukrainian people's right to self-determination and, in doing so, pursued a consistent line against all imperialist powers. She courageously organized public campaigns and most recently took an unequivocal stand against the pseudo-referendums. TS has appeared at various actions and public gatherings and has faced severe repression from the Russian security authorities. In February of this year, for example, he was convicted by a criminal court of allegedly having resisted police officers at a demonstration against the war of aggression. Since he had to fear further attacks, he traveled to Turkey in April of this year. From there, an attempt was made to obtain an entry visa for Germany. However, the German embassy in Ankara said it was not responsible and referred to a visa application at a German diplomatic mission in Russia; that would be tantamount to the considerable endangerment of our client's freedom and life through imprisonment, persecution and probable conscription to the military if he returns to Russia! This exposed the German government's announcement that it would grant unbureaucratic protection to persecuted Russian opposition figures as mere lip service. There are still almost no legal entry options.
In July of this year, our client finally managed to come to Germany, where he applied for recognition as a person entitled to asylum. In the meantime, and even before the now proclaimed partial mobilization, our client's family had been sent his call-up for military service.
TS is endangered in several ways if he returns to Russia: He is known to the authorities as an opponent of the Putin regime and the war of aggression against Ukraine, which violates international law, and he must be immediately called up for military service under the catastrophic conditions of partial mobilization and his deployment in a war that violates international law calculate. In addition, his traumatization and meanwhile severe depressive illness must be taken into account.
The federal government must now finally put into practice its announcement that it will grant Russian war-resisters effective protection. We also demand equal treatment of all refugees in accordance with the regulations for Ukrainian war refugees, especially with regard to the choice of place of residence, taking up a job, medical care and social security. There must be no first, second or third class refugees!
As a progressive member of the opposition and opponent of military service, TS is to be granted refugee status. Our law firm is available for further information and also offers to arrange confidential discussions with our client.
Yours sincerely, P. Klusmann, Attorney at Law

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