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The forbidden speech by Alassa M. before the BVG today

Dear Mr. President, dear court,

1. A protected space is very, very important for us refugees!

We all experienced inhuman things on our escape and suffered a lot: some were forced into prostitution, others experienced bombings night after night, others suffered from hunger or spent days in the desert without water. On my escape through Libya, I was immediately captured by a criminal militia and separated from my family. I was locked in a room with several hundred people for eight months. No window, but constant neon lights. The toilet without separation in the corner. We were only allowed to leave this room on Fridays to pray. There was never any peace in this room: someone was always screaming in their sleep, crying, in pain. A guard could come and hit us at any minute. It was total stress. It takes a long time to process that.

The state of Baden-Württemberg says that communal accommodation in a refugee facility does not have the high level of protection required by the Basic Law. The arguments for this are insidious. They explain that refugees are not there voluntarily but are obliged to live there by order of the authorities. They say that we must always be available. They say that we live in dormitories with rotating occupancy. They say that would only be for the duration of the asylum procedure. Actually, that would only be six months. But due to the bureaucracy in your (BaWü) authorities, we often wait two years and live like this. In Freiburg and other accommodations, this opinion from the state of BaWü introduces rules that otherwise apply in prisons. We know all that! Because that makes our life difficult. But what kind of logic is that: First you make the laws for refugees worse and worse and housing more and more difficult for us - and then you say: Well, if you have to live like that, that's not an apartment!

It's like pulling a tiger's teeth and claws and cutting off the skin and then saying: That's not a tiger anymore! As I said: These arguments are insidious and would only make things worse. Because then the spiral continues: These are not apartments worthy of protection? Then we take this and that from them too. We are refugees, not criminals, and have human rights!

2. The state of BaWü wants to downgrade the importance of judges and upgrade that of police officers. It wants to soften principles and allow arbitrariness and pragmatism.

Ms Pförtner writes that the police officers have to assess in the specific situation in the specific area whether there is a risk of an encroachment on fundamental rights. She says that there is no need for a court. However, the police officers Wanninger and his colleagues knowingly violated our fundamental rights. The court ruled that the raid on May 8, involving 500 police officers unlawful was. However, civil servants and interior ministers had no sense of injusticethat they are violating fundamental rights in this situation. When the court found the illegality, hundreds of refugees were already injured and traumatized. When I was deported on June 20th, they were also unable to distinguish between right and wrong. They came for revenge. Because we made this behavior of the police public on May 8th, held a press conference, held a demonstration and informed the people of Ellwangen. Wanninger and Co. were angry that I led this protest. They wanted to punish me on behalf of all refugees. They took me with several police dogs and put me on the floor of their car and they brutalized me when I wanted to call my lawyer and didn't allow me. There are police officers like that in many cities. Of course there are many who are different. If the country wins BaWü today, such bad police officers will have a free hand.

Incidentally, the regional council in Karlsruhe treated me to harassment twice again shortly before this trial: They withdrew my residence permit and threatened deportation - it was only when my lawyer complained that it was suddenly an accident. Then the regional council appealed to the court to speed up my asylum application. You are not allowed to do that.

3. I did NOT ask Commissioner Wanninger into my room. He just walked in. We refugees are often told that we are guests and that we should behave as such. In any case, I can say that I have never walked into someone's apartment without being invited and without their consent. This is a rule that police officers should also follow. Because I'm not a criminal.

How to do it as a refugee is wrong. First I went to my room with the policeman, there were three of them, I had no choice but to protest. That's why I'm told now: You invited the policemen! When I insisted on my right to call my lawyer, they say: You resisted the authorities! This is illogical and arbitrary police.

They say that when judges have to rule before anyone enters the shelter, it delays enforcement. And that wouldn't work. You say you have to come so early in the morning because you have to catch the plane in Frankfurt. Since when can such things be higher than the Basic Law?!

4. There is a dispute as to whether the property was searched or entered. A main argument is that in the small room you could see everything at a glance and therefore they would not have touched anything. For one thing, that's a lie. Secondly, this logic means that people with small apartments are fundamentally at a disadvantage compared to people with large houses. For example, Donald Trump has a villa with 128 rooms. To record everything, a policeman would have had to go through all the rooms. Entering and looking around is enough to capture everything in a room in a refugee accommodation. The result is the same: the officer captured 100% of the private sphere. One needs a court order, the other doesn't?

5. The end of Mrs. Pförtner's letter is a hammer. She says there was an urgent danger from me. When I read that, I thought: Huh? What's up now? They say big words: the inviolability of the legal system, the state must function, honor, health, sovereignty, private property and freedom must be protected. And then you say that I would have been an urgent threat to this public safety and order if I had violated the obligation to leave the country! But I am not a threat to freedom. I was and am only a danger to police officers who behave unlawfully. Because I would have further publicized the bad behavior of the police and the journalists were interested. First of all, the state of BaWü only admits that they therefore URGENTLY wanted to get rid of me. Why else should there be a danger if I hadn't been deported on June 20th but a few days later?!

I also protest that the state of BaWü says: "Illegal immigration is a serious threat to public security". 1. I wasn't illegal!

2. None of us illegal! Politicians like the state government simply DECLARE us illegal!

3. Public safety is only really there when ALL people are treated like people. It is not WE that endanger public safety, but the anti-refugee laws of Kretschmann and Strobl, von Faeser and the EU. Just yesterday, 70 refugees drowned off Greece, also because Germany canceled its rescue missions. Many lawyers criticize this and I hope that this court will also remain true to human rights.

I wish I hadn't found myself in front of this court.

I wish I could have lived quietly in my country.

I wish I hadn't been arrested and tortured like a slave in Libya.

I wish I hadn't lost my family.

I wish I hadn't seen millions of refugees dying in the Mediterranean due to the intensified policies of some politicians.

I wish that the refugees would not be deported when I arrived in Ellwangen and would be able to enjoy their right to asylum.

I wish the date of April 30, 2018 in Ellwangen had never existed.

I would have wished for a friendly police force that every refugee could confide in without fear.

But what I learned was that one should not have illusions, we had to fight for our rights ourselves. That's how I became a refugee activist.

What I can't do because of what I'm after is sell my soul.

That's why I stubbornly stuck to this decision, which I think is the best, and I say today before this court that the police actions on June 20, 2018 were fabricated and illegal.

I thank myself.

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