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Press release by the Friends of Refugee Solidarity on the Alassa process! Solidarity rally Stuttgart, 6 p.m. on 15.6.23

Alassa Mfouapon before the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig on June 15, 2023: The fundamental right to the inviolability of the home also applies to refugees! The spokespersons of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity will provide information about an important court case next week: On June 15, 2023, the appeal of Alassa Mfouapon, federal spokesman of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity in Solidarity International, will be heard before the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. Alassa had sued against the legality and brutality of the police in connection with his deportation to Italy on the night of June 20, 2018.

The appeal by Alassa Mfouapon was merged with the appeal proceedings by two refugees who had lodged a complaint against the access and room controls by employees of the Freiburg regional council and by private service providers, which are regulated in the house rules of the LEA Freiburg. In both cases, the regional courts had dismissed the specific lawsuits, but allowed an appeal due to their fundamental importance.

The process is indeed fundamental! It is about the fact that important rights according to the Basic Law and the European Convention on Human Rights are not divisible, but must apply to everyone living in Germany. This clearly includes the fundamental right to the inviolability of the home, which asylum seekers have been denied so far. The police are not allowed to enter any other apartment without a search warrant from a judge. Why with refugees? For us there are no second and third class people.

We regard the deportation of Alassa Mfouapon to Italy in June 2018, which was associated with brutal measures, as an act to punish him for his courageous commitment to refugee rights, especially in resistance to the brutal police operation in the LEA Ellwangen in May 2018 and as an example to statute. The progressive refugee movement should be discouraged. But that didn't work! From the "Freundeskreis Alassa" grew the nationwide non-partisan organization "Freundeskreis Flüchtlingssolidarität". Alassa became the nationwide known and recognized face and leader of this movement. It was fought in court that the police operation was declared illegal.

The current process before the federal administration report in Leipzig takes place shortly before World Refugee Day on June 20th and shortly after today's EU refugee summit. On this, the course is to be further set for the catastrophic tightening of refugee policy and the right of asylum in the EU is to be abolished almost completely. The German federal government is playing a leading role in this, which is causing growing protest, most recently formulated in an open letter from numerous prominent figures against the adaptation of the federal government to the wishes of reactionary to fascist European governments and right-wing forces in their own country. 730 members of the Green base have also written an open letter. The Friends of Refugee Solidarity welcomes these initiatives and invites representatives to take part in the process on June 15th. They reinforce our public relations and solidarity work, which we have been conducting persistently and continuously for over five years.

The trial in Leipzig on June 15, 2023 begins at 9:30 a.m. From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., the Friends of Refugee Solidarity organized a rally in front of the court at Simsonplatz 1 to inform the public and to protest against the plans of the EU and the federal government to actually abolish the right to asylum. Delegations from all over Germany are expected.

There will also be solidarity and protest events in other cities on the same day. like this Stuttgart from the Friends of Refugee Solidarity in Solidarity International am Thursday, June 15, 6 p.m on am Pusteblumenplatz on Königstraße/corner of Thouretstraße, approx. 200 m from the main train station. There is also a fountain that jets water like dandelions.

We are at your disposal for further questions and information.

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