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Harassment and threat of deportation against Alassa Mfouapon: should the nationwide spokesman for refugees be silenced?

In January, the nationwide spokesman for the Circle of Friends of Refugee Solidarity Alassa Mfouapon completed his training as a media designer for image and sound. Shortly thereafter he passed the German course at university level. His training company in Essen offered him a permanent employment contract. Done!

With anticipation he hoped to get his work permit at the Ravensburg immigration office on May 2nd. But it turned out differently:

• The employee at the immigration office confiscated his ID card with the residence permit and exchanged it for an ID card with a lower status of toleration. She wrote on it by hand: "Duldung expires with the announcement of the deportation date." Excuse me, deportation?! Alassa's asylum procedure is still pending before a German court. Lawyer Roland Meister: “During such a procedure, no deportation may take place. This is a gross breach of the law and violates all applicable laws!”

• Alassa became a paper of the green-black state government of Baden-Württemberg, "Department of Repatriation Management" handed out. Only people who are about to be deported receive it. Should facts be created before the end of the asylum procedure?

• He was informed that the immigration authorities would file a complaint against him. Alassa and his companion rubbed their eyes in wonder: Why is that? He violated the residence requirement because he left Ravensburg for more than three days without permission. Absurdistan: Alassa has official permission to complete his three-year vocational training in Essen. At the same time, he was refused permission to move to Gelsenkirchen. This forced him to commute constantly and had to pay two rents out of his training allowance. How is he supposed to attend training and vocational school in Essen from Monday to Friday if he has to be back in Ravensburg on Thursday?! Pure chicane!

• The immigration authorities now gave him a work permit, but only for three months.

Carsten Zimmer, Managing Director of Alassa's training company says: “Everywhere there are complaints about the shortage of skilled workers. With Alassa Mfouapon we have a well-trained specialist and expect that we will employ him immediately and with a perspective corresponding to his
allowed to stop training! We made firm plans with him for our new film and sound studio.”
Alassa Mfouapon comments on this "Even though I have not claimed any government benefits in recent years and have been self-supporting, I am being bullied like this. I wasn't able to sign my employment contract for more than two months. And at the same time it is claimed and hounded that the refugees are lying on the back of the state. Apparently, when it comes to my case, the law is not respected and every means is used to restrict and intimidate my rights.”

What are the backgrounds?
Interior Minister Nancy Faeser yesterday announced a change in the law that would allow asylum procedures to be carried out at the EU's external borders in future. Massive deportations are planned. The right to flee is thus effectively abolished in the EU - while war and environmental destruction create new causes of flight every day. A new legal development in migration policy is in the offing.

It is quite obvious that Alassa is to be silenced here on behalf of the entire refugee movement. Particularly spicy: On June 15, Alassa's lawsuit against the state of Baden-Württemberg was admitted to the Federal Administrative Court. After 500 police officers brutally stormed the accommodation of refugees in Ellwangen in 2018, a fundamental decision is now pending as to whether the inviolability of the apartment also applies to refugees. Alassa won the last trial. Does the state government want a combative one?
Intimidate opposition figures, opponents and fighters for democratic rights and freedoms?

The Friends of Refugee Solidarity protested against these renewed attacks on its federal spokesman Alassa Mfouapon. The immigration authorities and the state of Baden-Württemberg must not get away with this! A good opportunity to express solidarity with Alassa Mfouapon and the Friends of Refugee Solidarity is the football tournament and concert of the Friends of Mouhamed from Dortmund. It commemorates Mouhamed Lamin Dramé, who was shot dead by the Dortmund police, and demands. "Justice for Mouhamed! Complete punishment of the perpetrators in the police and state apparatus" on Saturday May 6th in Dortmund from 11 a.m. in the Hoeschpark.
If you want to hear Alassa's full story, check out part 3 of the new podcast "Boy's Club" recommended about the machinations of the Bild newspaper.

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