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Final resolution at the members' meeting of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity, Region South on April 22, 2023 - adopted by 15 participants:

Today we were able to successfully counter the increasing hate campaign against refugees with a rally on the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart together with SI Stuttgart and Courage-Frauen from Sindelfingen. Under the motto: "Now let's talk!", refugees from different countries made it clear at the open microphone what they think of the EU's refugee policy: of camps in North Africa, of the de facto abolition of the right to asylum, of the brazen lies that refugees cause costs that are no longer affordable! We courageously reported on our flight experiences and reasons for fleeing, and made it clear: we are not the problem - we are part of the solution! We bring life and struggle experiences with us and strengthen the struggle of the workers here for our common vital interests. With this self-confident demeanor we attracted attention and respect, people stopped, we made new contacts and even a passer-by joined in the discussion over the open microphone.

Young demo participants

This afternoon at the Members' Meeting we deepened the discussion to better understand what this incitement is for and how we are addressing it. It is intended to spread racism and serves to divide, also against the background of the Ukraine war and the massive armament policy and psychological war preparations. We agree not to accept any maneuvers of division - not into natives and refugees, not into refugees from Ukraine and from elsewhere. We exchange our experiences and inform each other about our rights and also support each other in practical matters. We oppose the hypocrisy of supposedly equal human rights with international solidarity. Fighting together internationally - this is the way to fight for the right to asylum and for a world where no one has to flee anymore! We agree that we have to fight for this in an organized way - solidarity helps better than ducking and adapting, it also helps to overcome fear. But you have to put all your energy into it and think beyond your own dismay. Don't be silent, but open your mouth - otherwise we will remain victims!

We have also decided on practical steps:

– More such rallies, in the different cities! Counter any rush immediately!

– Exchange and spread information about the situation in the individual countries, also about the situation in the factories there – use the homepage more for this purpose.

– Work more closely with Solidarity International.

- Also strengthen the cooperation with the women's association Courage - equal rights for women is an important part of the fight for indivisible human rights and against racism. Address young women and girls in particular, also via social media.

- Participation in the "Rebellious Music Festival" at Pentecost in Thuringia as an event that is particularly suitable for strengthening the idea of international common struggle. In preparation, we are taking part in the warm-up event in Stuttgart on April 29th. with a food stand with delicious African food.

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