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Press release August 14, 2023 Nationwide general meeting of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity

Three years after its founding, the “Friends of Refugee Solidarity” held its second event last Sunday in Gelsenkirchen nationwide general meeting away. All participants were happy to be able to have a personal exchange again after such a long time - due to Corona - about the many experiences that had now been gained in the now three regional and various local groups. In the circle of friends, refugees and locals organize themselves on a democratic and anti-fascist basis and work together in solidarity on an equal footing. Among others, the newly founded group from Wolfsburg was enthusiastically welcomed!

In a concentrated, combative atmosphere, the successes achieved were discussed, but also the harsh reality of the increasingly reactionary to fascist EU refugee policy. The full range of its effects became clear in moving, personal reports. On the one hand it was Successfully fought for the brutal nighttime police operation in May 2018 in a state initial reception center in BaWü to be declared illegal by the courts. On the other hand, the fatal shooting by the police in Dortmund of the underage refugee Mouhamed Dramé from Senegal marks a frightening extent of racist police terror against refugees, who, to this day, a year later, has not yet been brought to trial. The recognition of the right to privacy in the home was also fought for in rooms in refugee camps. On the other hand, e.g. B. Syrian refugees in Herne, like many others, against unreasonable, inhumane living conditions in run-down slums, which are often outrageously expensive. There have been reports of refusal or withdrawal of work permits, of arbitrary decisions by the authorities, of unfounded rejections of hardship applications, of excessive exploitation in many companies through miserable pay or refusal of vacation.

All refugees are met with a complete lack of understanding On the one hand, skilled workers are obviously desperately needed, and on the other hand, many trained and highly motivated refugees are not allowed to work or are deported away from work. And behind everyone lurks fear - and concern for families and friends left behind. The brain drain is criticized deprives poor countries of the academics trained there - but the question was also asked, who else should become warehouse workers at Amazon if only teachers and engineers are allowed into the country? Several speakers emphasized that they are not only fighting for their human rights as refugees here, but also how much their hearts go out to them. The refugees who are now on the run, in the desert, on a boat, or those who have yet to decide to flee - driven by hardship, hunger or war - without knowing what awaits them in Europe. If they manage to get here.

"Fight the causes of flight, not the refugees

That is one of our central demands,” said Alassa Mfouapon, old and newly re-elected federal spokesman. One participant asks Europe: “Why do you take resources from Africa but don’t want the people?” and another responds: "… because we are black and because we are workers”. “This is the face of imperialism, which is against workers all over the world.” The determination to connect worldwide as part of a global refugee movement in order to combine forces and strengthen them. The resolutions made make it clear that a spectrum ranges from mutual help with everyday problems to participation in a “United Front against Fascism and War”.

The fact that in addition to open enemies - governments and fascist parties - there are also hidden enemies who foment division and fears is a tradition in Germany Anti-communism spreads mistrust and reservations about cooperation with revolutionary forces. The movement has to deal with this too.

A new federal spokesperson team was elected with great unanimity, made up of women and men, young and old, who have big plans for the future and will be heard from! In the future, more nationwide coordinated actions will take place, for example on the annual “Refugee Day”. On June 20th, education, training and a lively exchange of experiences are to be promoted. Last but not least, celebrating together and culture shouldn't be missing, because that's fun and strengthens solidarity with each other.

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