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"You'll never walk alone" - touching commemoration for Mouhamed

to mark the 1st anniversary of the police shooting of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé, arrived today

hundreds of people together to commemorate him.

At the memorial in Missundestr., in the north of Dortmund, the circle of friends

Mouhamed invited to the joint commemoration. A total of over 120 people pursued there

the impressive depiction of the course of events that got under your skin. A participant

reported: "I got chills down my spine when the shots rang out!". others stood

the tears in their eyes, mainly because they were not aware that Mouhamed after being with

5 shots was fatally injured on the ground and was handcuffed by the police officers.

The same police officers later filed a complaint against him.

Alassa Mfouapon, federal spokesman for the Friends of Refugee Solidarity, said:

"The state and the refugee policy in this country are partly to blame for the death of Mouhamed"!

Songs for Mouhamed by Mamades and Alassa Mfouapon helped deal with the grief. The

The opening song " Freude schön Götterfunken " lifted one's eyes to the statement of the whole

commemoration "All people become brothers"!

Flowers and candles were laid at the lovingly designed memorial. 2 followed

Minutes of silence, including one at 4:47 p.m. when the shots were fired. A great moment were

the video greetings from the Dramé family, who also held a memorial service in Senegal. The

Family thinks of Mouhamed every day. Mouhamed's mother Mafofane is widely in mourning.

The family criticizes in the video that they have not received any support from the city of Dortmund

have received. The commemoration ended with the anthem of Mouhamed's favorite club, dem

BVB Dortmund: "We never walk alone".

"It was pure goosebumps again," said a number of those present! A donation of 210.39 euros was collected.

8/8/2023 was the anniversary and commemoration day of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé. On 12.

August the Friends of Refugee Solidarity and the Friends of Mouhamed call together

to a demonstration followed by a concert. There the backgrounds and

Connections between Mouhamed's death and the reactionary refugee policy on language

brought. Demonstration and concert will take place under the motto:

Remembering Mouhamed Lamine Dramé and against the delay in the trial! It is also directed against

the fascist refugee policy of the EU! Away with the inhuman EU

Agreement with Tunisia to mark the anniversary of Mouhamed's assassination

Lamine Drame.

The call has now found many supporters. (Demonstration from 2 p.m. on Kurt-Piehl-Platz, followed by a concert from around 5 p.m. also on Kurt-Piehl-Platz in Brunnenstrasse 25, Dortmund).

Hello circle of friends,

Here is the song I sang in Dortmund. If you want, you can publish it. I would be happy.

Best regards

Karl Nümmes

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