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Statement by the Circle of Friends against the imperialist invasion of Russia into Ukraine

Three days ago, the Russian army invaded Ukraine. This is a
unjustifiable imperialist attack. Ukraine is since 2009
linked to the EU and calls for support from NATO.
The USA and its allied NATO countries are by far the strongest
force of the world. They claim global supremacy.
This shows that this war is really a war between imperialists who are
contending for supremacy and redistribution of their influence in the world. That
do them on the backs of the peoples – in Ukraine, in Russia, across Europe and
around the world. The fight against it must be fought by the peoples together
the imperialists are led.
Such a dangerous situation has not existed since the Second World War and
is a game with the fire of a third world war! Both superpowers – Russia
and USA - have nuclear weapons potential that can wipe out the Earth.
In all countries there are massive protests and demonstrations against this war. In
In Russia, in Australia, in the Ukraine and also in Germany, people are growing
the street, demanding peace and an immediate end to hostilities.
Thousands of Ukrainians are already fleeing bombs and their families with their families
Destruction. Many have already arrived in the Czech Republic and Poland and are finding their way there
Support. The city of Munich is also preparing for the admission of
thousands of refugees.
But there is also a division in the media – the Ukrainian refugees
have received a general entry permit to Germany and can
friends and relatives live and do not need to go to refugee accommodation.
Our point of view is: Everyone has the right to flee! We won't
divide – everyone has the right to support and a decent life.
We fight against the causes of flight and not against refugees. In this sense
we declare our solidarity with the refugees from Ukraine and welcome them
welcome. We can all learn a lot from each other and it's best fought
End this war! Hands off Ukraine!

Adopted unanimously on February 26, 2022

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