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Welcome to the people of Ukraine - equal rights for all!


The Gelsenkirchen group of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity published a statement entitled "Welcome to the people from Ukraine - equal rights for everyone!" In view of an impending gigantic wave of refugees as a result of the war in the middle of Europe, refugee solidarity is urgently needed.

Resolution of the Friends of Refugee Solidarity Gelsenkirchen

We are outraged by the invasion of Russia and the inhuman war in Ukraine! In our home countries in Syria and in various African countries, we have seen how Russia, like NATO and the EU, plunders the countries and supports dictators and putschists like in Syria or in Mali. Hundreds of thousands are now fleeing Ukraine. Many come to Germany - we warmly welcome them! We know from our own experience what great suffering caused by war, terror and misery drives people to flee. We are pleased that the new refugees are given immediate work permits, a "right of residence that can be extended without bureaucracy for 90 days" while waiving the Dublin Agreement, approval for integration courses, transport by bus or even an airlift. Good this way.

However, we ask ourselves: why did and do refugees from Africa, from Asia, from the Middle East have to fight for years for all this? Often still unsuccessful? How many brutal deportations were there from Gelsenkirchen alone because of the Dublin Agreement? Why has our spokesman Adama Traoré from Mali not received a permanent residence for years, not even a German course, although putschists are raging in his country and the Bundeswehr is staying there on the grounds that Islamist fundamentalists would otherwise get the upper hand? How can the federal government decide all this - but should the states and municipalities, which are already overburdened and heavily indebted, organize and finance it? For all people living in Germany, this harbors the risk of further reductions in social benefits, swimming pools, waiting lists for kindergarten places, etc.!

Unbureaucratic help is correct, but it must apply to all people who seek protection from war, terror and misery in the EU and in Germany. We resolutely protest against an inhumane, unequal refugee policy:

  • It is racist when black refugees from Ukraine have been prevented from crossing into Poland: the entry permit only applies to Ukrainian citizens.
  • It is inhuman when, just a few weeks ago, refugee families were brutally rejected at the border from Belarus to Poland, despite the freezing cold - often with fatal consequences.
  • It is the language of the colonialists of the 19th century when the government politician Kairidis in Greece justifies the "open-hearted" Greek admission policy: "We are talking about white Christians, not the non-religious ones from Africa".

No to the division into first and second class people, according to skin color, origin or religion! Together for the right to flee and equal rights for all democratic refugees! Solid cohesion of all people living in Germany, regardless of whether they are refugees or "natives"!

We will be active together and collect donations:

  • For the »Aid Fund Ukraine« – emergency aid, which arrives at 100 % at the Coordinating Council of Workers in Ukraine!
  • We support our friend and federal spokesman Alassa Mfouapon, who has already achieved an important partial success in court against the martial police operation against refugees in the initial reception center in Ellwangen on May 3rd, 2018. This process will be continued on 28.3.22 with the aim that the fundamental right to the integrity of the home also applies in refugee accommodation.
  • We continue to work closely with »Stand by me Lesvos«. Despite their own miserable situation, the refugees in the Kara Tepe camp / Greece are showing international solidarity in a touching way: they donated a whopping 2,000 euros for women and children in Afghanistan! But they also call on the refugees from Ukraine to be vigilant: »Our hearts are bleeding, but be careful. We saw that many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) raised so much money with pictures of our children. And what have many of them done? Nothing. Everyone collects money again. Take a close look at where this is going and how much is actually being given. Our experience is that over 90% disappear into dark channels. So watch out!"
  • We are also thinking beyond the day and sponsoring the 3rd International Miners' Conference 2023 in Germany. We are already collecting for strong miner delegations from Ukraine and Russia! Workers should not shoot at each other, but fight together for the future!
    High international solidarity!

The next meeting in Gelsenkirchen is on Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 4 p.m. at Treff International, Hauptstraße 40
Contact via: Marlies Schumann, Hauptstraße 40, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, 209/202451, email: marlies.schumann@wpadmin-almfo

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