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Anniversary of the murder of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé!

Press release to the democratic public and information to all friends of the Mouhamed Circle of Friends and alliance partners

Alassa Mfouapon, federal spokesman for the Friends of Refugee Solidarity in SI

August 8th, 2023 is the anniversary of the murder of Mouhamed Lamine Drame in the north of Dortmund. Mouhamed was murdered with 5 shots from a submachine gun. Actually, he would have needed help because he had set out from his village in Senegal/ Ndiaffate to enable a better life for himself and his family.

For the anniversary on On August 8th, 2023, the Mouhamed Circle of Friends decided to hold a commemoration event at the commemorative plaque at the crime scene in Missundestrasse, Dortmund, beginning at 4 p.m to perform. We will enact the course of events with a staging
replay This will get under your skin and make it clear: This must never happen again!

Afterwards we will sit together and exchange ideas over coffee, cocoa and cake on Kurt-Piehl Platz and grow even closer together. We look forward to every participant and supporter who makes a contribution
would like. Rezan Tay from the Mouhamed Circle of Friends says: "We demand: trial now!

It has now been almost a year and the court process has still not started. It was a success of solidarity beyond Dortmund with demonstrations, vigils, solidarity concerts, football tournaments, fundraising, etc. that the police officers were charged. Now it is time that we fight to finally start the process. Our memorial event will be part of a small ensemble. 

This will be followed by a demonstration on 12.8. at 2 p.m. (meet at Kurt-Piehl-Platz) and a concert on 12.08. on Kurt-Piehl-Platz. Attached is the invitation poster or flyer. 

We will publish further details on this soon.”

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