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To the forces active in the "Justice for Mouhamed" movement and other interested allies

Proposal for a joint, militant and non-partisan demonstration on the occasion
the anniversary of the shooting of Mouhamed under the motto »Justice for
Mohammed! Fight the EU's fascist refugee policy! away with the
inhuman EU agreement with Tunisia!«
Dear fellow campaigners,
on 08/08 marks the first anniversary of the shooting of Mouhamed. There are now five
police officers involved have been charged, but the trial has not started. There isn't from the court yet
a scheduled date. We propose for Saturday 12.08. to a common
Demonstration and subsequent concert under the motto »Justice for
Mohammed! Fight against the fascist refugee policy of the EU! away with the
inhuman EU agreement with Tunisia!«. This includes the requirement:
"Trial Now! – Condemnation of those responsible!”. It is part of the protest
against the intensified reactionary refugee policy of all established parties and the AfD. We
do not know what Mouhamed experienced while fleeing, but we do know that camps with concentration camps
conditions similar to those that are now to be established at the external borders of the EU
traumatization of refugees. Racist police violence is countered by hate speech
Migrants, as currently operated by the CDU, CSU and AfD. That's why our
Demonstration, above all, against the current fascism of refugee policy
by the CDU, AfD and traffic light government as well as the EU. There are from the “Solidarity Circle
Mouhamed" an announcement for 12.08. to a memorial demonstration for Mouhamed. In
their call plays on the current ultra-reactionary, fascist-like development of refugee policy
the EU, the federal government and further demands from the CDU and AfD none
role, nor the call for those responsible for the shooting to be punished
We are ready for a common, equally prepared by all active forces and
carried out demonstration in close context with the current development. However there
to this day there has been no apology or self-criticism for the unspeakable attacks on the
Demonstration in November against the forces of the Internationalist Alliance. One
Demonstration based on an arrogant claim to leadership by some anti-communists
Forces, which boils down to that instead of responsible police officers and politicians like
Interior Minister Reul/CDU Forces such as the MLPD, the Internationalist Alliance and the
Being attacked by "Freundeskreis Mouhamed" is out of the question for us. That's why we have them
Initiative for an independent demonstration with a clear political course. what do you think
you like it?
A joint demonstration must be anti-fascist, democratic, actually
non-partisan and financially independent foundation and characterized by a democratic
culture of debate take place.
We ask for feedback by August 2nd, 2023, whether and how you participate in the demonstration and
want to participate in the concert. For Saturday 05.08 5 p.m. or 06.08. 1 p.m. we hit
preparatory meetings with all interested parties. Please get in touch so that we can tell you the location of the
can announce meetings.
Kind regards Klara/Friends of Mouhamed and Alassa/Friends of Refugee Solidarity
As a call for a joint demonstration, we could imagine the following text,
which we attach to you as a discussion suggestion:
Proposal for a call to commemorate Mouhamed Lamine Dramé and demonstration
against delaying the process. Likewise against the fascist refugee policy
EU! Away with the inhuman EU agreement with Tunisia on the occasion of the
anniversary of the assassination of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé
With our demonstration we are protesting against the reactionary intensification in the
Refugee policy decided by the EU interior ministers. The Tunisia Agreement is a
inhumane culmination of the organized, often fatal rejection of refugees
the borders of Europe. The reactionary proposals outdo each other – most recently Thorsten Frei demanded
by the CDU to abolish the "individual right to asylum" as enshrined in the Basic Law.
“A historic moment for the 'protection of human rights' – celebrates Home Secretary Nancy Faeser
the EU's lockdown decisions. We oppose the establishment of detention centers
Strictly close the EU's external borders, which even affect women and children. For the right to escape!
August 8th, 2023 marks the anniversary of the shooting of Mouhamed Lamin Dramé by Dortmund police officers
for the first time. In the meantime, five police officers involved have been charged, but the process has
not started and the court has not even set a specific date. We demand
Justice for Mouhamed and call for a joint meeting on Saturday 08/12/23 at 2pm
demonstration up. The court process must begin NOW, those responsible for the
Killing of Mouhamed must be condemned.
Demonstration on August 12, 2023 at 2 p.m. Kurt-Piehl-Platz. From 5 p.m. concert on the
Kurt Piehl Square. We criticize the attempt at perpetrator-victim reversal when it is anonymous
Interview with 4 police officers from the north station in the BILD newspaper says: “A presumption of innocence
doesn't exist for us anymore, there is more of a conscious criminalization of colleagues." That
is objectively a justification for the shooting of Mouhamed. The family has come to us on several occasions
strongly expressed that they would attend the process and the place where Mouhamed was killed
became, would like to get to know.
We, the undersigned, therefore call on:
 »Justice for Mouhamed!
 Fight the EU's fascist refugee policy! away with the
inhuman EU agreement with Tunisia!!"
 Trial now! Complete education and punishment of all
Police and politicians responsible for the death of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé!
 Get rid of racially motivated identity checks (“racial profiling”)
the police in the north of Dortmund!
 Down with the police law in North Rhine-Westphalia!
 Against growing police violence and racism!
 For the right to flee!
 For friendship between peoples and international solidarity

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