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Joint call to commemorate Mouhamed Lamine Dramé and demonstration against the procrastination of the trial!

Likewise against the fascist refugee policy of the EU! Away with the inhuman EU agreement with Tunisia on the anniversary of the murder of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé

On 08/08 marks the first anniversary of the shooting of Mouhamed Lamine Dramé from Ndiaffate (Senegal/West Africa) by the Dortmund police. The Mouhamed Circle of Friends and the Circle of Friends of Refugee Solidarity call for 8.8. to a commemoration in Missundestrasse at the scene of the crime / memorial plaque at 4 p.m., followed by a get-together. The course of events is presented in short scenes. This is very touching and a tribute to the young refugee.

On the same day, Mouhamed's brother Sidy held a memorial service together with Mouhamed's home village of Ndiaffate. It is supported and made possible by the collection of donations by the Mouhamed Circle of Friends in consultation with Sidy Dramé/Ndiaffate Senegal.

Under the above motto, the circle of friends and numerous supporters (see call) invite you to the Saturday, August 12th to a demonstration. Around The opening rally begins at 2 p.m. at Kurt-Piehl-Platz, Brunnenstr. in Dortmund. The demonstration currently closely connects the commemoration and the fight for "Justice for Mouhamed" with the fight against the fascist refugee policy and the right-wing trend of the governments, which is particularly evident in the refugee policy. The demonstration ends again at Kurt-Piehl-Platz. This will be followed by a concert by the Circle of Friends under the same motto with various artists from Dortmund, the band Hörwasche and a well-known "surprise band" from North Rhine-Westphalia. There is delicious, international food.

First signatory for the call for a demonstration and concert on August 12, 2023:
 Friends of Refugee Solidarity in Solidarity International
 Friends of Mouhamed in Friends of Refugee Solidarity
 Attorney Heinz Schmitt, Duisburg, for 40 years defender of left and
revolutionary migrants in political criminal proceedings and residence issues.
 Ayten Karaman, Yeni Kadin/New Woman, delegates at the 3rd World Conference on Women in Tunis
 Andreas Kossack (IGM shop steward),
 Meral Dogan, member of the Federal Migration Committee of Ver.di
 Monika Gärtner-Engel, responsible for internationalism at the MLPD
 Anna Schmid, youth association REBELL
 Heinz Ratz, writer and musician, bearer of the integration medal of the
Federal Republic of Germany
 Aribert Peltz, steel worker and IGM shop steward
 Compania Bataclan, band from North Rhine-Westphalia
 Prof. Dr. Claus Melter/ Bielefeld University/ Association Decided against racism
and discrimination Bielefeld
 Fritz Ullmann, Internationalist alliance against right-wing developments, fascism and war
 Carola Rackete, captain on the “Sea Watch 3”.
 Stefanie Augustin German-Philippine Friends
 Ingrid Schween "The Indomitable Velbert/Essen"
 Sevim Women's Association Rozerin Dortmund
 Celestine Dingkah, Southern Cameroon European Women eV
 Dortmund Monday demonstration
 Brigitte Gebauer, Federal Board of Directors Women's Association Courage
 Peter Römmele, Chairman of the MLPD State Association of North Rhine-Westphalia
 Lisa Höchtl, spokeswoman for the Monday demonstration in Cologne
 Alassa Mfouapon (Federal Spokesman for the Friends of Refugee Solidarity)
 Marja Spaans (Marikana)
 ATIF (Federation of Workers from Turkey in Germany)
 Helga Dolezyk-Hechler (MLPD Dortmund)
 Sarah Rissmann (Internationalist Alliance),
 Klara Kossack (Youth Association Rebel and Red Fox Organization)
 Rezan Tay (for the speaker group of the Friends of Mouhamed Dortmund)
 Armin Kolb, spokesman Solidarity International

Further information will be published on the Friends' website.

Friends of Refugee Solidarity in SI, –
Donate via: "Solidarity International eV", IBAN: DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84, keyword: "Refugee Solidarity" and

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