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Public statement:

Blackmail attempts against the Mouhamed Circle of Friends

Right now!

We, the Mouhamed Circle of Friends, have organized the non-partisan solidarity from the start. We demand "Justice for Mouhamed!" and the full punishment of the perpetrators in the police and state apparatus. After enthusiastic solidarity celebrations and the dignified commemoration with unveiling of the memorial plaque for Mouhamed Lamine Dramé, we are now preparing, in consultation with Sidy, his brother, and in honor of Mouhamed, a benefit football tournament followed by a concert in Hoeschpark. The donations we collect are for the village development Ndiaffate and specifically for the journey of Mouhamd's mother Ma Fofana. We want to give her the opportunity to come to Germany because Mouhamed's death is tearing her heart apart! She gave birth to him and raised him. Sidy wrote to us on March 6th, 2023:

"I speak on behalf of my mother and the entire Dramé family. We thank you for all the activities you organize to bring justice, but also for the fight against injustice, because you make no distinction between the victims."

On 27.3. we have now received a letter from the lawyer Lisa Grüter, who was commissioned by William Dountio and the Solidarity Circle Mouhamed acts. They are demanding that we cancel our football tournament and stop collecting donations. They say it's not in the interest of the family! That is not true! How can you come up with the idea of wanting to ban solidarity with Mouhamed. This is an attack on the broad refugee movement and all progressive people who support the refugee struggle. That's what he stands for Friends of Mouhamed! Together we fight for the justice of Mouhamed from the beginning, no matter where we come from and what skin color we have! William Dountio and the Mouhamed solidarity group claim sole representation to which no one is entitled.

We see ourselves not only entitled but also obliged to do everything to ensure that the Mouhamed case is fully clarified and that solidarity with the Dramé family is organised. As we learned from the family, Mouhamed was a passionate football and BVB fan. We can therefore only say: the football tournament is absolutely in the spirit of solidarity with Mouhamed and his family! Attacking this concern with untruths and trying to blackmail us harms solidarity and the whole refugee movement! We won't let it take us!

The fact that the perpetrators in the police and state apparatus receive their just punishment cannot only be solved with civil criminal law. It needs the population, the ordinary people, the broad refugee movement and broad, non-partisan cooperation. We find it strange that the lawyer Lisa Grüter, who is known for being progressive, has embarked on this undignified attack.

As a group of friends of Mouhamed, we say:

  • The football tournament and our concert will take place on May 6th, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the Hoeschpark! We call on all those for whom solidarity with Mouhamed and his family is important: help make the football tournament and our concert a great success! Set up your own teams, become a referee or support us in other ways.
  • Donate for the village development and so that Mouhamed's mother Ma Fofana can come to Germany!
  • We resolutely reject such threats and attempts at intimidation. We will not be intimidated and say: Especially now!

Adopted by 20 participants at the meeting of the Mouhamed Circle of Friends on March 31, 2023.

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