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"We must criticize the refugee policy of the federal government more!"

The Red Flag editorial team conducted a recent interview with Alassa Mfouapon, the federal spokesman for the Friends of Refugee Solidarity.

Red flag: As spokesman for the Friends of Refugee Solidarity, we would first like to express our solidarity against the current hate campaign against refugees and migrants. What are your experiences with this reactionary propaganda?

Alassa Mfouapon: I would like to remind you that this propaganda has so far only come from the side of the pioneers of fascism in Germany, from the AfD. But for a few months now, we've been seeing this agitation from other politicians as well, and the question is, where are they headed?

In 2022, when the war in Ukraine began, the refugee movement was also affected. Solidarity has never been so great. It has been shown that Germany is willing to implement an unbureaucratic asylum policy, with politicians and authorities clearing the way for many refugees from Ukraine and facilitating their integration. They got all the benefits, access to the job market, German courses... without a word. Should you come from this country to get help in Germany? After great outrage from the population, the government tried when it took office to add dampening measures to the previous refugee policy and to maintain it. The coalition has passed new laws with minor improvements. Before these even came into force, many refugees had already been deported to other countries. The implementation is a catastrophe and violates the right to asylum with deportation.

Today, municipalities and federal states are sounding the alarm that they are overwhelmed by the number of refugees. They direct anger against the refugees after the federal government refused further support. It's indescribable when it comes to the housing market, but are the refugees to blame for the fact that there is far too little affordable housing in Germany? This policy leads - in cooperation with state governments - to direct the anger of the population against the refugees by setting up refugee containers in small villages.

Red flag: What do you say to the cynical demand by Jens Spahn from the CDU that asylum seekers who made it to Italy should be sent back to Libya to wait in camps for an asylum procedure?

Alassa Mfouapon: He forgot that these countries are not democratic countries. Lately the refugees in Tunisia have been massively hunted down after a fascist speech by the president and that's where they're supposed to be waiting for protection? First you pretend to be shocked by the pictures of the 71 dead and then you offer the solution of a return after the refugees have risked their lives?

We always say: "Everyone has the right to flee to any country of his choice" and these refugees dream of "democracy and freedom" which are barbarically violated in their countries. Freedom and democracy are also violated in Germany and the EU. The parliamentary group leader of the CDU Jens Spahn has no influence on international asylum law. It's a fundamental right.

When I was in Libya in these concentration camp-like reception camps, I experienced how sad it can be to devalue human lives. People are restricted in their basic needs, are tortured and have to free themselves with money. I can tell you: Nothing can stop the dignity of a person who has set out on a journey. No matter what form, we are ready to seek safety and neither fences nor borders can stop us! The problem must be solved from the bottom up and we believe that imperialism is the mother of all problems.

Red flag: What do you think is necessary now to counteract this agitation and the racist division? How can international solidarity be strengthened?

Alassa Mfouapon: We must criticize the refugee policy of the federal government more. This manipulation must be stopped! We refugees are not to blame for the 1000 crises that are currently raging around the world. Stop manipulating public opinion! Abolition of the anchor centers in all federal states, especially in Bavaria, which is posing as a model country for asylum policy in Germany!

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