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Final resolution of the refugee meeting on June 27, 2020

We 66 participants at the meeting on June 27, 2020, to which Solidarität International e.V and the FreundeskreisAlassa & friends invited, heard a lot of incredible things about how refugees are treated in Germany – like second and third class people. Not only now in the age of the corona pandemic, when we were and will be forced to live together in the smallest of spaces – without masks, without tests. We are locked up like criminals. We have been waiting for years to apply for asylum. Manages as a refugee through one trauma after another.

Everyone who fled to Germany has a reason. Nobody just leaves their home country. We are outraged and angry that Interior Minister Seehofer and the German government want to further undermine the right to asylum.

We therefore decided today that we are organizing a movement „Stop deportations!“ We take the big march on Washington on August 28th against racism and police violence planned by the black lives matter movement in the USA as an occasion to organize a nationwide campaign against deportation.

But we also felt solidarity today. One participant said: „This encounter gives hope a new light“. The Freundeskreis stands for this path of solidarity, among us refugees regardless of their origin or religion and between us refugees and solidary and militant people in Germany.
It stands for the self-organization of the refugees. His job is to support the many fights as in Bremen, Leipzig-Dölzig, Suhl, Ellwangen and many other places. We have felt and are certain that the time is right, that we will build up the Freundeskreis nationwide and more binding. We have decided that in future it will be called „Freundeskreis Refugee Solidarity inSolidarity International“.

We reaffirm the principles of the 10-point program of the Freundeskreis and the 20-point program “Now We Talk! 2.0 “from the 1st Refugee Policy Congress.

Bipartisanship is an important asset! Every honest fighter of refugee solidarity is welcome – from the churches, parties, unions, etc.

There is no success without problems and our common struggle to overcome them.

We demand:

  • Respect our privacy and the inviolability of our apartments!
  • German courses for everyone – work permits – good food and WiFi in the facilities
  • an unlimited right of asylum for democrats, anti-fascists and revolutionaries in Germany
  • away with limited health care for refugees according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act
  • stop deportations!

We call all refugees and active in refugee solidarity: Organize and become active.

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